Encephalitis International has a growing selection of resources which are available in different languages.

These include leaflets and booklets as well as our award-winning Understanding Encephalitis animations which were Highly Commended in the European Digital Impact Awards 2023.

Understanding Encephalitis Animations

The Understanding Encephalitis animation series includes:

  • What is encephalitis?
  • What are the symptoms of encephalitis?
  • How is encephalitis diagnosed?
  • How is encephalitis treated?
  • What are the effects of encephalitis?
  • What happens during encephalitis recovery?
  • What to do at home for encephalitis recovery?
  • Encephalitis for families and carers
  • Encephalitis and mental health

Thank you to the NATIONAL LOTTERY COMMUNITY FUND for the funding that enabled some of these translations.


What is Encephalitis Leaflet

We have produced a leaflet that explain what encephalitis is and how Encephalitis International can help affected individuals and families.

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Page Created: 27 November 2023
Last Modified: 27 November 2023
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