Returning to school after encephalitis. Guidance for school staff

The long-term prognosis for children after encephalitis varies considerably. In some instances, children come through the illness with little or no consequences. In others, children have considerable life-long difficulties or appear to have recovered well, but their future learning and personal development are affected.

Returning to school after encephalitis is a very important step in the child’s recovery from encephalitis, in terms of both their social and educational reintegration. However, sometimes returning to school is a continuous battle to get the right services for the child at the right time. This guidance aims to help school staff understand that encephalitis changes lives and that their support is essential in helping the child and their family have an enjoyable and successful return to school.

The guidance covers information about encephalitis and the difficulties that may result from it. Various specific needs are described individually for clarity but of course their combined effect must be considered with care. There is also advice about how school staff can plan and implement the provision needed to meet the child’s needs.

We hope that this guidance is useful, but schools will also require specific and detailed information about the child that is their concern. Teachers need to take great care and consideration in helping fellow pupils understand the child’s needs so the risk of bullying and social isolation is minimised. In all circumstances, deciding how best to meet the needs of a child with acquired brain injury (ABI) is often complex and demanding—information and decision-making need to be very explicit, evaluated and passed on with care.

A summary of this guidance (Returning to school after encephalitis. Guidance for school staff. A summary)
is also available. With the ever increasing workload in school, we understand that teachers have limited time, therefore such summary guidance can be useful for an overview on encephalitis and its impact on learning before the more in depth knowledge discussed in the full guidance is required.

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Download a PDF Returning to school after encephalitis. Guidance for school staff. A summary

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