Changemakers: a pioneering collaboration of donors and supporters dedicated to equitable diagnosis and treatment of encephalitis around the world.

Changemakers was inspired by in-depth research carried out by Encephalitis International identified global issues surrounding encephalitis and ways they can be tackled. Fittingly, Changemakers is also one of our values: “We create the change in the world that makes life better for our community.”

Through the Changemakers initiative, Encephalitis International is seeking to connect with individuals and organisations positioned to help fund crucial projects which will help ensure that individuals affected by encephalitis worldwide have the best opportunities for survival and recovery.

Launched at the Royal College of Physicians, London, on Monday, 6th December 2021, we connected with our dedicated group of supporters and stakeholders inviting them to commit their support to urgently making lives better for people affected by encephalitis.

Since then, we have hosted events at Killik & Co, The House of Lords , and The Academy of Medical Sciences.

Watch the launch video, presented by the Patron of the Changemakers Collaborative, Rebecca Adlington OBE.

Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of Encephalitis International, said: “It’s simple. There needs to be better access and better standards of encephalitis healthcare for people around the world especially those who live in low-to-middle income countries.

“We have called it Changemakers for good reason – we believe we can make a real change to encephalitis treatment and after-care in countries which need it right now. The legacy of this project could be felt in the short-term and for generations to come.”

The seed of the idea for the Changemakers collective came with the arrival of Encephalitis: an In-depth Review and Gap Analysis of Key Variables Affecting Global Disease Burden. The 180-page analysis, commissioned by Encephalitis International, identifies global issues surrounding encephalitis and proposes a range of solutions, ranging from epidemiology, incidence, and economic impacts through to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and the needs of patients and families.

Since the launch of this paper, Encephalitis International have been working closely with the World Health Organization, holding a series of meetings with the WHO and global stakeholders on the project’s key findings. On World Encephalitis Day 2023, the WHO published a paper titled Why encephalitis matters? detailing global challenges relating to encephalitis and suggested responses.

Our Changemakers supporters are kept up to date with our latest efforts to further global understanding, research and support for all those affected by encephalitis, including our work with the World Health Organization, recognising we need their support to help deliver our mission of building better futures by driving research, accelerating awareness and saving lives.

If you would like to learn more about the Changemakers Initiative, please contact Calum Goodwin

Page Created: 20 October 2023
Last Modified: 6 December 2023
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