Library of resources

Welcome to our library of resources, where you can access our factsheets, films of encephalitis survivors, award-winning animations, and more.

Advice from young people affected

A collection of films made by Encephalitis International featuring young people sharing their experiences.


To support and inform the encephalitis community, and raise awareness of encephalitis amongst the general public.


Patient resources on encephalitis and its consequences.

Factsheets and guides

For people affected by encephalitis, their families, friends, and carers, professionals involved in care, and anybody interested in encephalitis and its consequences.

Information for carers

Information and resources for those caring for people with encephalitis.

Information for children

Including information for siblings of children affected by encephalitis.

Information for teachers

Guidance for school staff on pupils returning to school after encephalitis.

Recommended books

Our curation of books for those whose lives have been affected by encephalitis or who wish to learn more.

Page Created: 20 October 2023
Last Modified: 28 February 2024
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