Understanding Encephalitis Animations

We have developed a number of animations to help support and inform the encephalitis community, and raise awareness of encephalitis amongst the general public. Our first series, “Understanding Encephalitis” seeks to simply answer “what is encephalitis?” to all audiences. The animations look at the diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, effects, recovery and rehabilitation, and the wider impacts of encephalitis.

Further animations have since been developed looking more closely at the impacts encephalitis can have on young people affected, and their siblings.

All our animations are available on this YouTube playlist, or you can find and watch each film separately below.

They are also available in different languages, including:






What is encephalitis?

What are the symptoms of encephalitis?

How is encephalitis diagnosed?

How is encephalitis treated?

What are the effects of encephalitis?

What happens during recovery and rehabilitation from encephalitis?

What can people do at home to support their recovery from encephalitis?

How does encephalitis affect families and carers?

The journey of a blood and CSF sample

Animations for Young People affected by encephalitis

Encephalitis and Mental Health in Young People

Encephalitis in Children: the impact on siblings

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Page Created: 8 December 2023
Last Modified: 11 December 2023
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