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For the majority of people the journey through encephalitis, from diagnosis to accessing services for their recovery, is smooth, complicated only by the unique difficulties inherent to this illness. However, for a few people there is a struggle to get an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, support for recovery, educational support, and protection for vulnerable relatives. This handbook focuses on various legal topics, not all of them involving court procedures: rights you may be entitled to (e.g. NHS continuing healthcare, special educational needs), how to get the support you need before something goes wrong (protecting vulnerable adults, workplace discrimination, power of attorney and wills) and also where to go if something goes wrong (clinical negligence).

This booklet is aimed at people affected by encephalitis who live in the UK.

Download a copy of the Neuro-Legal Handbook or request one from our office on 01653 699599/


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Encephalitis International is supported by a number of legal partners who have experience in supporting cases involving those affected by encephalitis.

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Podcast – Encephalitis and clinical negligence

In this edition of the Encephalitis Podcast, Dr Ava Easton talks to James Pratt about clinical negligence and why it can be important to changing policy and practice among healthcare organisations. James talks about falling ill with encephalitis and his experiences of pursuing a medical negligence case and his relationship with his solicitor.

Medical experts for legal counsel

Encephalitis International has a Medical Expert Referral Service. This is for legal professionals looking for expert opinions on encephalitis.

You must be a professional member, to access this service (professional membership can be completed free of charge).

The service involves screening and sourcing the best medical expert, who in our opinion would be most suited to supporting your needs, and includes forwarding to you their name and contact details.

The cost is: £200 plus VAT  (total £240). Please note we are unable to guarantee they will assist you.

To access this service, please contact us and mark your email Medical Expert Referral Service. Please provide your email and telephone number along with an overview of your requirements.

If you require an expert in another field do please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you.


Disclaimer: Encephalitis International has established partnerships with firms that we believe are best placed to conduct work with our supporters and who have high levels of professionalism and ethical conduct. However, we cannot offer any guarantee as to the information or service that the firms involved may or may not provide. No liability can be attached to the Encephalitis International or any of its servants or agents as a result of any person relying upon any information given out by any legal expert associated with us.

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