World Immunization Week 2024

This World Immunization Week (24th – 30th April), Encephalitis International’s vaccine campaign aims to raise both public and healthcare professional’s understanding of five key vaccine-preventable encephalitides and the vaccines protecting against them:

Japanese encephalitis (JE), Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), Influenza virus encephalitis, Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) encephalitis and encephalitis caused by measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)

Encephalitis and vaccines

Encephalitis is a growing global threat because of increased population density and proximity to animals often in under resourced communities, intensive farming practices, vaccine hesitancy, and climate change.

Encephalitis can be a complication of vaccine-preventable diseases in children and adults.

Equity of vaccine access and improvements in global vaccine uptake will help reduce the disease burden of this often-devastating condition.

During the week, we will be offering digital information and resources and hosting a series of events.

Financial support has been provided to Encephalitis International as a grant from Pfizer Ltd. Funding has also been provided by GSK, CSL Seqirus and Bavarian Nordic for materials relating to this campaign.

Learn More about Vaccine Preventable Encephalitis

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Vaccine Preventable Encephalitis - Measles - Gemma's Story

Trigger Warning – Bereavement of a child. Gemma shares her son’s experience of SSPE which is caused by measles.

Vaccine-preventable encephalitis campaign, Influenza (flu) encephalitis- Erin's story


children and adults are affected by encephalitis every year,

4 in 10 may die

Encephalitis has high rates of death and disability depending on the cause.

1 person a minute

is affected by Encephalitis

Vaccine-preventable Encephalitis Webinar

Monday, April 29

Join us for an exciting webinar aimed at healthcare professionals to learn more about preventable types of encephalitis.

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