Involving patients, their family and carers in research

Research is a crucial part of our mission at Encephalitis International. We work alongside global experts to further understanding of encephalitis.  People whose lives have been touched by encephalitis play a crucial role in this work in a number of ways, including testing new treatments, and sharing their experiences to guide researchers in their studies of encephalitis.

What is Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)?

PPI in research activities are a way to ensure that those affected by encephalitis, directly and indirectly are involved in every aspect of a research study. It is vital that patients, their family and carers are consulted throughout the research from the design stage of the research to the last stages of disseminating the research findings in the most accessible way.

Are you a patient interested in participating in research?

Find out why it is important to take part in research.

Are you a professional considering collaborating or consulting with patients on your research?

Learn more about why it is important to include patients and the public in your research.


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Contact our Patient and Public Involvement in Research Manager, Emma Collins: 

Our PPI Research Manager work is currently supported by the Peter Sowerby Foundation

Page Created: 18 March 2024
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