Here is a collection of films made by the Encephalitis Society featuring young people sharing their experiences of encephalitis.

Jasmine has been living with parents affected by encephalitis since she was little.

Becky, Claudia, India, Paul and Rhys have all been affected by encephalitis in their young lives.

Thank you to each and every one of our contributors for sharing your stories with the community.

Thank you to the Masonic Charitable Foundation, UCB Community Health Fund, Persimmon Homes Yorkshire, David Jennings UAP  for funding that helped creating some of these resources.

Rhys' Story

Rhys, who had encephalitis when he was 15, in 2015, shares his story with us. He talks openly about dealing with the illness, hospital stay, friendships and returning to school. Rhys is part of the Society’s Team Encephalitis Volunteers.

Becky's Story

Becky, who had encephalitis when she was 16, in May 2012, shares her story with us. She talks openly about her after-effects, and shares her advice for adapting after encephalitis.

Claudia's Story

Claudia was an active 20 year old when she was affected by post-infectious autoimmune encephalitis. She talks openly about her recovery and how encephalitis has affected her life:

India's Story

India, who had NMDAR-antibody encephalitis when she was about to start her GCSE’s, shares her story with us. She gives her advice on recovery, seizures, returning to school, hobbies and friendships. India’s brother, Shaan, also shares his advice for siblings and family members of young people affected by encephalitis.


Jasmine, aged 13 (whose mum was affected by infectious encephalitis before she was born) tells us about how encephalitis has impacted her life. She talks about being a young carer, family life and shares her advice for other families and children living with the effects of encephalitis:

Paul's Story

Paul was 16 when he was affected by encephalitis. He shares his journey to diagnosis, return to education, and reflections on his recovery:


If you are a young person interested in sharing your experiences with encephalitis with the community, please get in touch with us via email.

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