Suzie Miller


Suzie Miller is a contemporary international playwright, librettist and screenwriter drawn to complex human stories often exploring injustice. She has often been described as a courageous writer and won the Australian Writers’ Guild and Kit Denton Fellowship for Writing with Courage in 2008.

Born in Melbourne Australia, she now resides between London UK and Sydney Australia. Suzie has been produced around the world winning multiple prestigious awards. Her most recent play Prima Facie opened on London’s West End in 2022 at the Harold Pinter Theatre starring Jodie Comer to sold out audiences and critical acclaim. It transfers to Broadway in 2023. That same play (premiered 2019, Griffin Theatre) won the 2020 Australian Writers’ Guild Award for Drama; the 2020 David Williamson Award for Outstanding Theatre Writing; and the 2020 prestigious Major Australian Writers’ Guild Award across all categories of theatre, film and television.

Australian/British Suzie has a background in law and science, and is currently developing major theatre, film and television projects across the UK, USA and Australia. Suzie worked as a human rights lawyer and a children’s rights lawyer before leaving the law to pursue a theatre writing career full time.

In 1995, when she was in her early 30s, Suzie contracted viral encephalitis.

“I lost the feeling down one side, had strange neurological effects and was so sick I couldn’t work for a year” she says. “I’d been working since I was 12, and suddenly I could do nothing. I was terrified; I think my life fell apart, actually.”

Suzie added: “When I was asked to become an Ambassador of Encephalitis International, I immediately said yes. I remember when I was diagnosed, I just wanted to talk to people who understood the challenges and anxieties. Encephalitis International does just that. I hope my experience can bring more attention to encephalitis and be of help to the many people whose lives are changed forever by this devastating condition.”

Listen to Dr Ava Easton conversation with Suzie Miller via The Encephalitis Podcast

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