Simon Hattenstone


Simon Hattenstone is Features Writer with The Guardian newspaper and agreed to become an Ambassador after he judged the Expressions of Encephalitis event at the end of 2012.

Simon has personal experience of encephalitis.

He said:

I’m going to love being an ambassador because Encephalitis International is brilliant – supportive, inspirational and a real community. I’m interested in encephalitis because I had a freak form (maybe all forms of it are freak forms) when I was young and was in bed for two years with it, and away from traditional education for three years. It shaped my life, or lives – because I feel as if I’ve had two of them; pre-encephalitis and post. So I feel I can relate to people who have or have had encephalitis. Finally, who wouldn’t want to be a member of a non-profit that can put on a do like Expressions of Encephalitis?

If you are interested in reading Simon’s book Out of It you can purchase it from Amazon.

Page Created: 15 November 2023
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