Janet Brown

Janet Brown is a joint trustee of the Kirkby Foundation alongside her husband, Stuart, and is delighted to support Encephalitis International and help raise awareness of the disease which for many is relatively unknown.

Before moving to North Yorkshire, we lived in West Yorkshire for 30 years and Janet worked in the Economic Development Service of the local council for 16 years. This experience was useful when we were setting up the Kirkby Foundation in 2010.

We are fortunate that we have had no personal experience of Encephalitis so learning about the disease has all been quite new for us. Encephalitis International was one of the first organisations which the Foundation supported and we continue to be encouraged by their vision and their enthusiasm and their willingness to work with so many partners.  Certainly ‘small but mighty!’

Page Created: 15 November 2023
Last Modified: 29 November 2023
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