David Jennings

David Jennings is the managing director UAP Limited, the leading door and window security and fire safety specialist.

Encephalitis is a cause very close to David’s heart, following the loss of his brother, Phillip, to the condition aged just 17. After contracting measles, Phillip developed encephalitis because the virus infected his brain. The loss of his brother has made David passionate about ensuring others understand the risk factors of encephalitis and learn more about the condition, so he has become an active supporter of Encephalitis International and its efforts to provide support and hope for patients as well as work on a global scale raising awareness and supporting research endeavours.

He said: “When we lost Phillip in 1975, there was very little information about encephalitis and limited support or resources. The condition is complex and has a variety of causes, affecting people of all ages and demographics, with around 6,000 cases in the UK alone every year.

“I have worked with a number of charities over the years and UAP has supported many charity projects, but I only came across Encephalitis International a couple of years ago. I am delighted to work with the team at the charity to help further its goals and very honoured to be appointed Vice President.”

David’s role as Vice President and involvement with Encephalitis International builds on UAP’s long history of support for charities. The company has funded construction of five village schools in remote regions of Nepal during its 25-year history and helped to raise the funds needed to build a community hospital in the Himalayas. The company has also enabled 50,000 trees to be planted in Thailand and has been involved in providing meals for homeless people in its local community.

David adds: “As a successful business, we have always believed that we have an obligation to ‘give something back’ and enable others to benefit from our success. It’s a philosophy that’s embedded in our DNA as a business; from the charities we’ve supported through to the decision to become a co-operative to enable every employee to benefit from working towards our continuing success.

“My new role as Vice President of Encephalitis International is an opportunity for me to make a tangible difference for a cause that is very personal and important to me and I am proud to take on the role while continuing to lead the UAP business.”

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