Emma Collins

Patient and Public Involvement Manager

What do you do at the charity? 

I am the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) manager, helping to recruit participants for studies, and ensure that patients, their families feel included in all aspects of encephalitis research studies.

Why do you like working here? 

The team is very friendly, caring, and hardworking, and it is a great place to learn from one another. Each day is different, and it is great to be able to see everyone’s work make such a significant difference to understanding and helping people with encephalitis.

Tell us something about yourself 

Alongside work I am studying for a PhD, looking at adults’ experiences of Cerebral Palsy, at the University of York. Beyond this, I enjoy going for a walk with my dog – I have a Golden Retriever who loves her daily walks in the woods. I have also recently started to enjoy baking at the weekends, although I still need a lot of practice!

What difference does Encephalitis International make in your opinion? 

It is hard to summarise the difference that Encephalitis International makes within a couple of sentences as it is huge! The staff team and volunteers work tirelessly to be there for people when they need the help the most and would otherwise be without vital information and support.

Page Created: 8 December 2023
Last Modified: 3 January 2024
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