Phillippa Chapman

Deputy Chief Executive

What do you do at the charity?

I am the Deputy Chief Executive, so on a day-to-day basis I ensure that the objectives of the charity are being met, along with any areas of compliance (legal, Statutory, Charity Commission).  There is always something to be working on and many exciting new projects in the pipeline.

Why do you like working here?

I love meeting families and seeing the difference our amazing team of dedicated staff and volunteers make. Those days where you are in the thick of some of the less exciting work (such as the accounts) makes it all worthwhile.

Tell us something about yourself

My hometown is Malton, so I am Yorkshire born and bred. I studied for my degree in Business at the University of Bath and following that my Masters degree at York University. I have done several runs for Encephalitis International and encourage lots of my friends to support us as well. They get to hear how passionate I am about the work we do on a regular basis, so I like to think I inspire them (not just bully them into it).

What difference does Encephalitis International make in your opinion?

I have often heard families say that they wouldn’t know what they would have done without us – be it the information we provide, our website, the support line, or the events we hold. The fact that there is not much help out there but they know they can turn us means so much.


High Sheriff of North Yorkshire Award: In Recognition of Great and Valuable Services to the Community

Page Created: 15 November 2023
Last Modified: 3 January 2024
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