The Encephalitis Society's Safeguarding Adults Policy and Safeguarding Children Policy will be followed by all members of the Society and promoted by those in positions of leadership within the organisation.

The purpose of the Encephalitis Society is to provide advice, support, raise awareness about encephalitis and collaborate on research into the condition. Therefore, the Society has the opportunity to become aware of the welfare of adults within the context of providing support and when undertaking organised activities (e.g. Retreat and other events). The Society does not undertake activities with children in the absence of their parents/carers, but has the opportunity to observe the young person/children’s welfare in the context of organised activities (e.g. Family Weekend). Parents/carers remain responsible for their children’s welfare throughout all work undertaken by the Society.

We are aware that children and adults who have experienced brain injury secondary to encephalitis can be vulnerable to abuse. The purpose of these policies is to make sure that the actions of any adult in the context of the work carried out by the Society are transparent and safeguard and promote the welfare of all children and adults at risk.

Safeguarding Policy