Why is it important to be involved in research?

A significant aspect of PPI work is supporting recruitment for studies and being involved in research. Encephalitis International supports the recruitment for encephalitis research, as these studies help to make diagnosis faster and drive forward advancements in medical treatments as well as improving the support available for those living with encephalitis, their carers and loved ones.

Without participants these studies cannot be carried out, which means that it is so important for the patients and their families to get involved in research studies where they are able to.

To help us know who we can contact about the research that we support, we have developed a form for people to use and give their agreement to be contacted for research purposes in the future. Please consider completing the form below to help future research and keep up to date with currently recruiting research studies.

Completing this form does not mean that you are agreeing to take part in any research, now or in the future. It will just allow us to contact you when research opportunities become available.


Frequently asked questions about patient involvement

Find answers to some frequently asked questions from one of our volunteers who has been involved in PPI work.

Register your interest in research

Fill in your details through this form to hear more about our research and PPI activities.

Page Created: 7 March 2024
Last Modified: 18 March 2024
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