Psychology Today – The Inflamed Brain (May)

Guardians of Health: Vaccines’ Role in Liberating Healthcare Resources

by Dr. Blen Mamo Gebresilassie, MD

Neurologist, Neuroinfectious Diseases Clinical Research Fellow at Columbia University under the guidance of Dr. Kiran Thakur

Vaccines are one of medicine’s greatest success stories. In the realm of public health, few interventions have had as profound an impact as vaccines. These biological shields have saved countless lives and prevented a wide array of illnesses. The success story of smallpox and polio eradication stands as a testament to the power of vaccines in saving lives. Moreover, the impact of vaccines goes beyond childhood illnesses with ongoing successes in new vaccine development. Research on new vaccines for diseases like Japanese Encephalitis, which is a major cause of Encephalitis in Asia, offers hope for the future. As we navigate the complexities of global health, understanding the role of vaccines in combating countless devastating diseases becomes increasingly paramount.

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