Encephalitis International’s royal appointment

Encephalitis International was invited to meet King Charles III during his surprise visit to our home town on Wednesday.

His Royal Highness spoke to representatives from several charities from Malton in North Yorkshire.

Phillippa Chapman, our Deputy Chief Executive, and Trustee Adele Mackinlay, were given the honour of representing the Encephalitis International on Wednesday (April 5).

“It was a delight to meet His Royal Highness,” said Phillippa. “He was very friendly and very interested in finding out more about encephalitis.”

Phillippa spoke to His Majesty about how the Encephalitis International provides support, our work in low-to-middle income countries, and the impact of climate change has on encephalitis globally.

“We also spoke about the announcement on Wednesday that Tick-borne encephalitis had been detected in different parts of England, including our home county of Yorkshire.

“It was all a bit of a blur but very exciting and memorable for both Adele and I and, most importantly, wonderful for the Encephalitis International.”

King Charles III talks to Adele Mackinlay and Phillippa Chapman from the Encephalitis International.

Photograph courtesy of Visit Malton and Richard Ponter Photography

Phillippa added: “We are very grateful to Jo Ropner, the Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire, who put our name forward to be one of the charities invited to meet King Charles III.”

A copy of Dr Ava Easton’s book, Life After Encephalitis, was also requested for King Charles III.

Dr Ava Easton, the Chief Executive of the Encephalitis International, added: “It was an honour to be invited to meet His Royal Highness today on behalf of the Encephalitis International and discuss this important condition, in particular the impact that climate change is having on the spread of infectious diseases, a topic which we know is important to him.

“We are proud to be a global charity which is based in North Yorkshire and contribute to the economic survival of a rural town which the King and Queen Consort of England visited today.”

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