Holidays And Respite Breaks

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Holidays usually mean travelling, visiting new and unfamiliar places, spending time with many people, shopping and entertaining. Following encephalitis, some people may experience fatigue or have low tolerance for noise. They may need to have a structured environment in which to function as changes in their environment can quickly make them feel overwhelmed and ‘shut down’ cognitively and emotionally.

Therefore, holidays can be a difficult time for some people. It is wise to consider potential problems in advance and plan around them in order to enjoy the holiday time.

When planning your holiday, it may be useful to consider the following:

  • Medication. Make sure you have enough medication for your time away as well as to cover any unexpected delays. Medical supplies may be subject to constraints in some countries and in remote areas.
  • Destination. Make sure you check with your doctor whether you need any vaccinations before going away (and any additional
    medications, which may be required following encephalitis). Be aware of where the medical facilities are at your destination,
    so that you can access them quickly if necessary.
  • Flight. Make sure it is safe for you to fly (check with your GP or consultant if you have any doubts). Inform the travel airline about any special requirements you may have.
  • Insurance Policy. If you have epilepsy or any other consequences of encephalitis, it is worth taking a closer look at the details of the Insurance Policy, to see whether chronic illnesses or pre-existing medical conditions are covered. There are companies that specialise in providing cover for people that have a history of a pre-existing medical condition. Sometimes, the insurer requires a letter confirming that the individual is fit to travel. If you do not declare all your medical history, the insurance company may refuse to pay in the case of a claim.

Further Information and Support from UK-based organisations

  • The Adamson Trust- Disabled Children’s Holiday Charity give financial help with the cost of holidays or respite breaks for disabled children aged between 3 and 17 with physical, mental or emotional impairements.
  • The Government’s website provides information about how to stay safe and healthy abroad.
  • Headway produces a booklet called Holiday & Travel after Brain Injury, which provides details of companies that cover travellers with a disability. TEL: 0808 800 2244.
  • Epilepsy Action works with Insurancewith to offer a quality travel insurance policy for people with epilepsy, which includes cover for epilepsy-related incidents. TEL:  0808 800 5050.
  • Tourism for All UK provides information to people with disabilities and older people in relation to accessible
    accommodation. TEL: 0845 124 9971.

This information is taken from Encephalitis in Adults. A Guide 

Page Created: 29 November 2023
Last Modified: 7 December 2023
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