Euroimmun UK

EUROIMMUN UK is a subsidiary of EUROIMMUN AG and has been supplying immunodiagnostics products to the UK market since the year 2000.

Originally based in South Wales, all operations were moved in 2013 to Wimbledon, London, where the International Training Centre (ITC) is located.

The main disease areas covered by EUROIMMUN products are Autoimmunity, Infectious Serology and Allergy, although tests systems are also offered for Antigen Detection, Molecular Genetic Diagnostics and Veterinary Diagnostics. EUROIMMUN products are delivered to more than 3,000 laboratories over 150 countries worldwide.

We are proud to be long-standing supporters of the Encephalitis Society and invite you to check out are diagnostic kits for autoimmune encephalitis, below.

Page Created: 22 November 2023
Last Modified: 7 December 2023
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