Brain scans to investigate NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis in children and young people

Can you or your child help us learn more about NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis?

Are you aged between eight and 24-years-old?

Would you like to earn up to £80 in gift vouchers?

Then you may be able to help researchers at Kings College London develop advanced brain MRI scans so they can better investigate autoimmune encephalitis in children and young people.

The research team are recruiting two groups:

  • Youngsters who have been diagnosed with Anti-NMDAR encephalitis in the past 12 months, or had a relapse (new attack) of anti-NMDAR encephalitis in the past 12 months
  • Healthy youngsters without an encephalitis diagnosis (to act as control group)
    Travel expenses will be reimbursed – with the tokens offered as a thank you for taking part.

The MRI scans will take place at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London.

Dr Michael Eyre, of Kings College London, said MRI is a safe imaging technology with participants able to listen to music or watch Netflix during the scan.

“We will assess if these scans, combined with tests of memory, thinking, mental health and functioning in daily life, can help predict the outcome of autoimmune encephalitis for the individual person,” he said.

“We hope our results will ultimately help doctors select the best treatment for each patient, improving the chances of controlling their symptoms sooner, shortening hospital stays and reducing the long-term effects on their lives,”

To find out more and take part, email Dr Eyre at


Page Created: 19 January 2024
Last Modified: 29 January 2024
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