Mark's Story

Mark became ill with viral encephalitis caused by the Epstein Bar Virus when he was a teenager. Now 33, he reflects on his journey. I feel ill in my first year of college at the age of 17. My parents told me at the time I was complaining of headaches in the run up to […]

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Larry's Story

In the mid-1990s, I suddenly had double vision. I was fatigued, but had no fever. We had only recently come to the Washington DC area and had no family doctor. We made some calls and set up appointments with doctors. They could provide no information except that it didn’t fit their specialty. One night I […]

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Ken's Story

How do you tell a story when you have no idea about how it began? Late in 1966, as a healthy, robust 2-year-old, I am told that my parents noticed change in my dexterity. Apparently, I had a fixation for taking a piece of cloth and running my hands from inside to out with both […]

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Nicholas' story

Nicholas was our eldest and only son, with two younger sisters (writes mum, Sarah). At the age of 16 years, Nicholas was struck down by a completely random virus, which caused encephalitis and subsequent brain damage. He was in intensive care for a long while and had to learn to walk, talk, eat, read, and […]

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Paula's Story

Paula became poorly with viral encephalitis just after her first birthday party.

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Annette's Story

Like so many others, I had heard of encephalitis but didn’t really understand what it was.

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Kelly's story

My name is Kelly and I have had encephalitis four times and meningitis once.

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Betzabé's Story

This is the story of my sister Betzabé, who was affected by viral encephalitis in 2017 when she was 45 years old.

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