A picture of Veronique with her family: her fiancé and 3 boys. Veronique describes her lived experience with meningoencephalitis.

Meningoencephalitis Lived Experience - Veronique's Story

  Below is Veronique’s lived experience of meningoencephalitis in both text and video form. This is a video documentary about Veronique by Attitude Read Veronique’s Weird Wonderful Brain blog It all started pretty suddenly for me. I was vacuuming when I felt like something had hit me behind the head leaving me headachy and foggy. Never […]

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Polly on her travels. She describes her lived experience of autoimmune encephalitis.

Autoimmune Encephalitis Lived Experience - Polly's Story

Below is Polly’s lived experience of autoimmune encephalitis. My name is Polly, I’m 23 years old, and on 25th April 2018, things took a bit of a turn for the worse! At the start of January 2018, I packed my bags and set off to New Zealand on a working holiday visa.  I was having […]

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