Psychology Today - The Inflamed Brain (April)

9 April 2024

Measles: Catching Your Death—A Public Health Crisis By Dr Ava Easton, Encephalitis International I know about measles. I had it as a child and was pretty unwell with it, confined to a darkened room for more than a week with concerns raised for my eyesight, among other things. Decades later, I still know about measles […]

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Psychology Today - The Inflamed Brain (February)

22 February 2024

How Encephalitis Changed My Life A Personal Perspective: When the immune system erroneously attacks the brain. By Juliana Ortiz One minute, I couldn’t stop babbling about starting high school; the next, I was in an ambulance speeding to Miami’s Jackson Hospital, where I was eventually diagnosed with NMDAR-antibody encephalitis—a disease most people have never heard […]

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