Brian the Brain is back - and raring to go!

Our World Encephalitis Day mascot is looking forward to the launch of BrainWalk 2019 and wants you to join him as he walks to locations around the world which are relevant to encephalitis, be it through research or awareness.

There are also lots of brain teaser style games to play which add to your step count!

Downloading the free smartphone App is easy.

1. Visit your phone's App store

2. Search for BrainWalk

3. Download.

You will be asked to register with BrainWalk. Then you can sync either with your FitBit or your phone's health kit. Then you can choose to create or join a team - or simply become part of the world team.

After that, simply play games or get walking!

Thank you!

For more information, please look at our FAQs and Terms and Conditions

More information

BrainWalk 2018

World Encephalitis Day 2018

The Encephalitis Society would like to say a massive thank you to Sue Overton and Brian Hardy of Soap Media for their generosity in putting together the BrainWalk video. Thank you, Sue and Brian! 

*This project is supported by a charitable donation from Pfizer Limited*

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