Thank you for your interest in the Encephalitis Society. We are a registered charity, the only resource of our kind, who provide direct support and information to people affected by encephalitis, and to their family and friends.

We receive no Government funding which is why the support of individuals, businesses and grant-making organisations is so important to us.

There is low awareness of encephalitis among the general public which is why your help can make all the difference.

Five facts about encephalitis

  • Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain – a devastating neurological condition.
  • Anyone can be affected by encephalitis irrespective of age, sex or ethnicity.
  • 500,000 children and adults are affected by encephalitis every year, that is one person every minute.
  • Symptoms of encephalitis vary but can include flu-like illness or headache, drowsiness, uncharacteristic behaviour, inability to speak or control movement and seizures.
  • Death rates are high while survivors can be left with an acquired brain injury resulting in epilepsy, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, problems with memory and personality.

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