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Prior to this Century, research into Encephalitis has lagged behind that of other diseases. Encephalitis was seen as a relatively rare condition, about which little could be done. The Encephalitis Society has striven to change this and is proactive in the field of research, particularly in respect of the social consequences which unlike the medical and psychological fields, has remained of secondary importance.  We promote, conduct and assist with research into Encephalitis by appointing leading medical and health care professionals to the Society’s Professional Advisory Panel; conducting research and working in partnership with other researchers and research institutions. The Society also awards grants for research into Encephalitis and holds an annual essay prize and travel bursary for interested medical students and junior physicians.

“In my own field of brain injury rehabilitation the patients most frequently referred for cognitive rehabilitation are those with traumatic brain injury but after that the diagnostic group most seen are survivors of Encephalitis.”

Professor Barbara A Wilson, OBE

Click this link for the pdf of an article which gives a broader overview of the issues relating to Encephalitis and research.