Assets for World Encephalitis Day

Do you want to raise awareness on World Encephalitis Day – but are not sure where to start?

Fear not, we are here to help!

Please continue reading for some downloadable assets, ideas, and words which can be shared on your social media channels on Thursday, 22nd February.

If you need any help or information, please get in touch.

Social Media

There are three main ways you can help us to raise awareness on social media on World Encephalitis Day.

  1. Going #Red4WED by wearing something red
  2. Downloading one of our Five Facts images and uploading it to your social media channels
  3. Sharing one of our posts on Thursday, 22nd February

Going #Red4WED

Are you wearing something red on World Encephalitis Day?

Simply upload your photograph to your social media channels – and make sure to use the campaign hashtags, #Red4WED, #WorldEncephalitisDay, #encephalitis

It would be great if you could tag in our social media account as well.

An idea or two of what you could write on your social media posts:

Idea One

Today I am going #Red4WED to raise awareness of #encephalitis and #WorldEncephalitisDay.

This devastating brain condition affects one person every minute.

Please visit for more information

Idea Two

In honour of #WorldEncephalitisDay, I am going #Red4WED

Please look out for all things related to #encephalitis and help to raise awareness!

Find out more at

Five Facts

Our Five Facts about Encephalitis design can be downloaded for social media or printed off shared at your place of work, school, or where you live.

The poster and images can be downloaded from the quick links panel on this web page.

Again, please make sure to use our campaign hashtags: #Red4WED, #WorldEncephalitisDay, #encephalitis

Ideas for social media copy.

Idea One

Today is #WorldEncephalitisDay – please read these five facts about this devastating brain condition.

Help me spread awareness by sharing! For more information about #encephalitis, visit

Idea Two

What is #encephalitis?

Here are five facts about this devastating brain condition on #WorldEncephalitisDay

Please share and help to raise awareness.



Sharing our social media posts

In the run up to and on World Encephalitis Day on Thursday, 22nd February, we will be sharing posts on our social media channels, including Facebook, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.

A quick and easy way to help amplify awareness around encephalitis and World Encephalitis Day is to follow us on social media and share our posts with your networks.

Any support you can give us will be very welcome!



Page Created: 5 February 2024
Last Modified: 12 February 2024
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