How do you make the World Cup even more interesting?

That's easy - with a sweepstake, of course!

The world cup runs from the 14th of June to the 15th of July, and a sweepstake is the perfect thing to stoke up rivalry with your family, friends or colleagues, while also raising money for the Encephalitis Society.

It couldn’t be easier, simply print off the sweepstake and table below, and ask your friends and family to buy a square.

Here's how to play:

  1. Before you begin your sweepstake, register your fundraising with us at
  2. Choose your cost per flag. We recommend £5, with a suggested 50% of takings being donated to the Encephalitis Society.
  3. Cut out each flag, fold them up and put into a hat/bucket/cup etc.
  4. Upon receipt of payment, draw out a country from the pot.
  5. Write the person's name and contact details in the relevant square on the table provided.
  6. Once the tournament ends, contact the winner and arrange payment of their prize. Then get in touch with us to make your donation, or click here to be taken to our Donate Now page.



Thank you!!!