The Encephalitis Society is able to offer tailor-made training packages to health, education and social care professionals. These packages cover various aspects of encephalitis and can include modules such as:

  • What is encephalitis?
  • Diagnosis, treatment and after-effects
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Social consequences
  • The role of peer support in recovery and rehabilitation
  • The work of the Encephalitis Society

Training can be anything from 2 hours to a full day and we do not have restrictions on the number of participants. Some organisations and health trusts arrange 2 or 3 days interspersed throughout the year so they can accommodate all the necessary staff.

Dear Ava

I am writing to thank you for the excellent training you provided for us. I have had so much positive feedback from various members of staff, from Rehabilitation Support Workers to Psychologists. All have been unanimous in their praise for the way the training was prepared, and the manner in which it was presented, which made it understandable to everyone.

I was wondering if you would be interested in holding future sessions for us, we still have a large number of staff who would benefit greatly form increasing their knowledge of this disease and it's effects. . . .

York House Ventures Ltd

Contact Ava Easton for further information