We provide support, help and hope

Our global reach of 8,198 members gives people affected by encephalitis a unique opportunity to connect and share experiences

We give help, advice and information

The right advice and information is invaluable when faced with a devastating diagnosis of encephalitis. Our free, award-winning, NHS accredited factsheets can be downloaded from our website and provide expert help from diagnosis, support and your legal rights. Our telephone, Skype and email support service helped 2,458 people last year.

We raise awareness

Eighty per cent of the general public do not know that encephalitis is brain inflammation and this can lead to delays in seeking treatment which may have devastating consequences. Our vision is of a world where encephalitis is as recognisable as Motor Neurone Disease or bacterial meningitis, both of which are less common but better known conditions.

We invest in ground-breaking research

We know that encephalitis is a complex condition, but every project we fund or collaborate on brings us closer to breakthroughs. Currently, we are involved with 19 research studies including 2 randomised, controlled trials.