Team Encephalitis Support Volunteers

Team Encephalitis Support Volunteers are people who have personal experience of encephalitis, either directly affected or as a family member/carer or friend. They have completed the Society’s Support Volunteer Training which includes a DBS police check and Safeguarding training.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our Support Volunteers please contact Laura, Volunteer Manager –

Volunteer-led regional virtual gatherings

A number of our trained Support Volunteers also hold monthly regional virtual gatherings on the Zoom app. These are a fantastic way to meet and connect with other members of the Society in your area who have been directly or indirectly affected by encephalitis.

You can find a list of when these are, here under the Volunteer-led Regional Virtual Gatherings section of the page.

Page Created: 30 November 2023
Last Modified: 6 December 2023
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