We are seeking organisations, businesses or individuals who are interested in sponsoring one of our in-person or virtual support groups.

These peer support meetings are an important resource when it comes to people’s recovery from encephalitis.

“Feedback from our support groups shows how helpful they are for our members' recoveries and general wellbeing,” said Laura Bowditch, our Volunteer Manager.

“However, holding these meetings can come with some costs, whether it is hiring a venue, covering the travel costs of a volunteer, or paying for a Zoom license.

“If you work at or own a business which may be interested in becoming a sponsor, or know someone who can help, please get in touch with us.”

We currently run in-person groups in the North West and South West England, London, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as well as several weekly and monthly virtual meetings.

Max Sheridan, Managing Director of Algeos, recently sponsored a meeting in the North West of England: “We were proud to sponsor the Encephalitis Society’s recent support group at Port Sunlight, Merseyside. Knowing how important connecting with others can be to help share experiences, promote understanding and boost confidence in those facing an encephalitis diagnosis, we were delighted to be able to contribute to help support our local encephalitis community.”

If you are interested in supporting an in-person meeting, which cost around £200 on average, please get in touch.

Sponsor a Meeting