The Secret of Spice by Tonia Buxton

In The Secret of Spice Tonia reveals how to turn seemingly simple spices into delicious meals, beauty products and powerful potions that will help readers live longer and feel better - naturally. With over 50 delicious recipes inspired by the food that Tonia serves her family, the book demonstrates how adding a little spice to everyday dishes can have a huge impact on every area of our lives, including our wellbeing.

The book shows how integral spice is to our diet, and how it can improve every aspect of our physical and mental health. Who knew that adding some cinnamon or turmeric to our food could lose us pounds, or that rosemary can help us to look that bit younger? Fennel and nutmeg help settle our hormones, aniseed will help us get the much-coveted eight hours sleep a night and ginger will help us feel sexier.

The eight key conditions the book focuses on are: weight loss, ageing, fertility, hormone balance, mood food, libido, sleep and fatigue, plus stress and migraines. Spices have been used for thousands of years to heal people and keep illness at bay, and Tonia shows how it’s still relevant today through her delicious, easy-to-follow recipes and holistic home remedies. 

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