The Doctor Who Fooled The World - Andrew Wakefield's War on Vaccines by Brian Deer

The news breaks first as a tale of fear and pity. Doctors at a
London hospital claim a link between autism and a vaccine
given to millions of children: MMR. Young parents are terrified.
Immunisation rates slump. And as a worldwide ‘anti-vax’
movement kicks off, old diseases return to sicken and kill.

But a veteran reporter isn’t so sure, and sets out on an
epic investigation. Battling establishment cover-ups, smear
campaigns, and gagging lawsuits, he exposes rigged research and
secret schemes, the heartbreaking plight of families struggling
with disability, and the scientific deception of our time.

Here’s the story of Andrew Wakefield: a man in search of
greatness, who stakes his soul on big ideas that, if right, might
transform lives. But when the facts don’t fit, he can’t face failure.
He’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.

BRIAN DEER is a veteran British investigative journalist, best
known for his inquiries into the drug industry, medicine, and
social issues for The Sunday Times. Among his awards, Deer
was twice named the UK’s specialist reporter of the year, and in
2016 he was made Doctor of Letters (honoris causa) by York St.
John University.