Gilley the Giraffe DVD

The animation is based on the book “Gilley the Giraffe … who changed” published by the Encephalitis Society in 2006. The story follows a young Giraffe who becomes ill with encephalitis. The illness causes some problems resulting in a “changed” Gilley. Gilley’s family, teacher and friends find out why he has changed, then rally round and help Gilley to overcome his difficulties. Characters from the story are featured in an interactive games disc. The games have been designed by a Working Party of parents from the Encephalitis Society and professionals working in the field of child brain injury. The aim of the interactive games is that children affected by encephalitis will find them fun and beneficial to their recovery. The formats of the games also provide examples of how information should be presented to children with an acquired brain injury.

If you are a parent or family member of child affected please get in touch with [email protected] to request a free copy. 

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