Aliki CD - Reflections

Reflections features works by Puccini, Gournod, Dvorak, Webber, Lara, Rota and opens with Earth Song by Michael Jackson, followed by Coldplay’s Every Teardop is a Waterfall.  The album also features a collaboration with one of Greece's greatest male voices, Michalis Hadzigiannis, and also a cover of the haunting "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey.  Aliki said: "When diagnosed with encephalitis, I remember looking in the mirror, and I could no longer see myself in its reflection.

“It's a frightening thing, nevertheless it made me stronger, more determined and taught me that life is too short. This album reflects a part of my journey. Each song was chosen carefully, each one marked its part in my life and is a reflection of a thought, a moment - I can't wait to share it with my wonderful fans."

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