Sarosh R Irani BMBCh MA (Oxon) DPhil FRCP FEAN


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Overall aim. I am a Physician-Scientist with an actively translational research group that aims to improve outcomes for patients with autoimmune neurological diseases by understanding causation and biology underlying this rapidly expanding set of conditions.

Personal background. I led the discovery of antibodies against LGI1 and CASPR2 and described the associated clinical phenotypes and studied autoreactive B cells in patients with encephalitis thanks to funding support from Wellcome, the UK Medical Research Council, and the amazing generosity of our patients. My group now studies both autoantibody-specificities and properties of B cells from blood, lymph nodes and spinal fluid of patients with autoimmune neurological diseases.

I have supervised >50 international clinicians and scientists, including 8 students to completed PhDs and five fellows to independent funding.

I was awarded the Graham-Bull Prize in Clinical Science / Goulstonian Lectureship, from the Royal College of Physicians, and awards including the NIHR BRC Senior Clinical Fellowship, International Society of Neuroimmunology Clinical Science Prize and both Wellcome Intermediate and MRC Senior Clinical Fellowships. In addition, I have been made Professor of Autoimmune Neurology at the University of Oxford and Adjunct Professor of Neurology at the University of Southern Denmark