We are delighted to present the first research impact review carried out by the Encephalitis Society. The Society has been providing a lifeline for all those affected by encephalitis for nearly 30 years and funding research has become a priority for us.

Driving research that will benefit everyone affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis is part of our mission. We are guided by research priorities in areas such as prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation and we will work tirelessly to save lives, rebuild futures and make a global impact. Exciting latest discoveries in the field of diagnosis and treatment can lead to reduced mortality, but there is still a lot to do regarding recovery and rehabilitation of these patients. Progress also needs to be made around awareness, education and training among all healthcare professionals worldwide. It can take a long time to yield results, but we are making progress.

This report gives some examples of the many ways we engaged in research and the difference we made. We have taken this opportunity to look back and consider what our funding and work have meant for the encephalitis research community. Within this report you will find information on how we supported research as well as the different ways in which our work has impacted research and the people affected and their families. If we look back to when the charity started in 1994, the Society’s involvement in research was very limited, with no funds available for research. Gradually, we engaged in research in various ways from supporting professionals, helping recruitment and organising small professional seminars to being the bridge between patients and professionals/researchers, collaborating with prestigious institutions and driving change globally. Many of the projects we have funded or supported over the years have paved the way for further grants and more research.

In 2023 we launched a three-year research strategy where we committed not only to spending a considerable amount on research but
also to collaborate with prestigious institutions such as Medical Research Council (MRC) and World Health Organization (WHO).
We could not have done this without the support of the encephalitis community. Our research has brought together people affected by
encephalitis, their families, researchers, clinicians, scientists, therapists and many supporters from all over the world who all have brought together their knowledge, skills, experiences, passion and dedication to save lives.

For all your efforts we THANK YOU!