Unwillable - A Journey to Reclaim my Brain by Jackie Stebbins

When Jackie M. Stebbins had reached the pinnacle of a success as a young trial lawyer, she desperately tried to hide her anxiety and depression.  But her shaking hands, endless insomnia, and white noise in her ears told her it was true: she had burned herself out.  After she pleaded to be committed to a psychiatric ward, her world went black.  She awoke a month later to learn that she had a rare and debilitating brain illness that stole her career and nearly ended her life.  The twists and turns of her journey to a diagnosis, recovery, and new life takes readers on an emotional and psychedelic rollercoaster ride.  You will feel her terror and devastation and be moved by her will and hope.  Unwilliable makes you laugh, cry, and cheer for Jackie in this fast-paced story of a woman whose persistence burdened her, but also equipped her to survive.

Page Created: 25 January 2024
Last Modified: 29 January 2024
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