This grant is now closed.


The Encephalitis Society encourages invitations from academic institutions to host the 2019 Encephalitis Society PhD Fellowship. Encephalitis Society fellowships enable outstanding graduates to obtain a postgraduate PhD research qualification, giving them the required skills to ultimately undertake an independent career in encephalitis research.

This Fellowship will be awarded to an academic partner that can demonstrate past excellence in neurological research related to encephalitis, and which currently has an active neurological research programme. Their research strategy must be based on similar principles to the Encephalitis Society Research Strategy.

The host institution will also show a strong track record in providing appropriate supervision, mentorship and a research training programme suitable for equipping the fellow for a career in encephalitis research, and to enable them to obtain a post-graduate qualification.

The Encephalitis Society also expects to see a strong commitment from the host institution in the form of 50% matched funding for the studentship


The theme for 2019 is Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Research into the recovery and rehabilitation of patients who have had encephalitis has been limited and we still know little about patient recovery and rehabilitation.  Whilst we are willing to consider research in all areas relating to recovery and rehabilitation, we are especially keen to support work on neuropsychological, behavioral and cognitive outcomes. Specifically there has been little detailed research on the neuropsychological outcomes of encephalitis in adults and children and how early outcomes relate to longer term sequelae and quality of life.


The Encephalitis Society expects to support a three year full time Fellowship, or a part-time Fellowship operating on a pro-rata basis but the minimum working hours would be equivalent to 0.6 WTE.


The Encephalitis Society expects to pay up to 50% of the full costs of a UK/EU PhD Studentship, including Fees, Stipend and Consumables, and up to a maximum of £12,500 per year in total.


The postgraduate fellowships will be awarded to a higher education institution on the recommendation of a panel made up of members of the Encephalitis Society’s Scientific Advisory Panel using a system of expert peer review. The next awards will be made in April 2019. In addition, the Encephalitis Society expects to be involved in the subsequent award of the fellowship by the institution, with representation on the interview panel.

Applications also need to be approved by our board of trustees.

It is envisaged the fellowship will commence in April 2019.


5pm on Monday 31st December 2018.


This scheme is open to higher education institutions worldwide.

Applying for the Fellowship Scheme

Please submit a covering letter and application (no more than 6 sides) which covers:

  • PhD Fellowship title.
  • The need for the proposed fellowship, and how it fits with the Encephalitis Society strategic research aims.
  • Brief plans for the organisation of the first year and general management of the programme.
  • Why your institution is well placed to deliver the fellowship.
  • The post-graduate training environment in your institution.
  • Organisation and supervision of the fellowship.
  • The full CV of the proposed Director and Deputy/Co-Director. CV must include publications, information on career progression of PhD students supervised to date and brief details of external funding held.
  • A list/table of the names of potential supervisors for PhD projects, indicating their position and total number of PhD students supervised to completion to date.
  • The exact amount of money you will provide and also where are the money coming from.
  • The other fellowships you are applying for at the same time.

Please send in an electronic version to Dr Ava Easton and post six hard copies, including one with original, wet, signatures, by the deadline to:

Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive, Encephalitis Society, 32 Castlegate, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7DT.

Shortlisted institutions may be visited by the Encephalitis Society as part of the decision making process.