Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most flexible methods of giving to Charity. The Encephalitis Society has an optional Payroll Giving Scheme so that any employee of any company can make a monthly donation to us providing their company is signed up for payroll giving.

An agreed amount is deducted from your gross salary via the payroll giving agency and is sent to the Encephalitis Society. This monthly donation is taken pre-tax and is shown on your payslip. If you are a basic rate tax-payer , a monthly donation of £1 will show up on your payslip as a pre-tax deduction of £1 but will only cost you 80p.

Why is it such a good way to give?

Tax Efficient – your donation is deducted pre-tax which means for every £1 you donate it only costs you 80p and the tax authorities pay the rest!


A donation of

Costs You @ 20% tax









Every penny you donate will go directly to our charitable aims and objectives.
(Note: the payroll giving agency deducts a small administration fee)

If your employer doesn't already have a Payroll Giving Scheme in place, don't worry- it's quick and easy to set up. Just email us or phone us on 01653 692583 and we'll tell you how.

Payroll Giving Leaflet PDF