Feedback from some of the people who have been supported by the Encephalitis Society.

You are always there, nothing is to much trouble. A wealth of knowledge and a great supportive team.


Lilly liked the Medikids Explain Encephalitis book. It helped her and her sisters better understand what happened to her. I personally found the Encephalitis in Children guide book a god send. It helped me through some challenging times.


My mom died from this disease and until she was diagnosed with it, I had never even heard of it. Neither had any one I knew; that made it double hard, because nobody understood what she was going through. Finding this page, learning about the condition, becoming aware that there are others, luckily with much more positive outcomes than ours, became a way for me to cope and to learn and - equally important - to inform others. Can't thank you enough.


You let us know that we are not alone in what we are going through.


The retreat really helped me and Martin see a brighter side to encephalitis! They should be more often if possible!


You understand and you care and so do we.


The retreats you do are the only breaks I've been to since I had encephalitis in 2007. I feel comfortable, others there understand the support you offer. You have been a lifeline on many occasions.


I found information when I couldn't get answers from anywhere else... Thank you for being there for me when I most needed it... helping me understand what was happening to my brain and why all these random things weren't working anymore. I couldn't have gotten through the first year without you :)