Nicola is a partner and solicitor at JMW Solicitors LLP. She specialises in medical law and for over 20 years has been representing patients who have been injured during medical treatment and their families. She is passionate about patient safety and advocating for her clients to help them rebuild their lives as far as possible.

Nicola first encountered encephalitis when acting for a teenage boy who had contracted HSV encephalitis at birth. Through working with him and his mum she saw first hand the devastating effect encephalitis can have, but also came to appreciate the importance of the right support and specialist advice for him and the need to raise awareness of the disease for others.

Nicola started working with the Encephalitis Society about 5 years ago, initially as part of their legal panel, having been impressed by the amazing work of the charity. She has arranged a number of fund-raising activities and has continued to use to her networks to raise awareness of encephalitis at every opportunity.

Nicola lives in London but enjoys escaping to the sea and big skies of Norfolk or further afield (preferably to where there are big cats or monkeys) whenever possible.