My Brain, My Gift: Godfrey's story

The Encephalitis Society is dedicated to those affected by encephalitis; a condition unfamiliar to many. The Society plays a vital role in supporting people impacted by encephalitis as well as their families and connecting them with peers and medical professionals. "My Brain: My Gift" is a campaign that invites you to consider making regular donations to support the Encephalitis Society's support events and projects, such as "My Brain: My Story", "My Brain & Medicine", "My Brain & Me" and "My Brain, My Mental Health". 

One of our regular donors, Godfrey, talks about what donating means to him. 

What does supporting the Encephalitis Society mean to you? 

Following my wife’s death from the effects of Encephalitis, I want to help the Society spread the news about this devastating illness which I knew nothing about until my wife’s illness.

Why choose to make a regular gift to the Society? 

The Society needs regular income to provide both support to encephalitis suffers and their families and also to make the world more aware of the illness.

What would you say to others considering setting up a regular gift to the Society? 

It’s a great way to support the work of the Society and I feel I am an ongoing team member. 

Your gift today will help improve lives tomorrow 

"My Brain: My Gift" isn't just a campaign, it's an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by encephalitis. By supporting us, you are helping to raise awareness, provide essential support, and ensure that no one feels isolated in their struggle with this often-misunderstood condition. Your regular gift is a lifeline for many.