We asked you to share your songs for our special World Encephalitis Day 2023 music playlist - here's what you chose. Also, read on for some of the reasons behind choosing their songs.

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We Gotta Get Outta This Place by The Animals

Chosen by Anna Gilchrist: "When I was stuck in hospital, my Dad and I used to sing it when I was allowed to go for a short walk or in the wheelchair because all I wanted to do was go home!!

Either Way by The Twang (an English indie rock band)

Chosen by Yvonne Shepherd: I heard them sing this in my second year of recovery from E. 

“I'm so glad I turned the corner, 

'Cause I was sick of feeling rough,

I was getting paranoid about the silliest of stuff, 

I was at my wits 

I'd just about had enough, 

And all I needed was just a little bit of love, 

I feel so much better today… 

I’ve chased the bad things away…”  

We Will Remember by Tommy Walker

Chosen by Cathy Williams Mersereau: "Despite memory issues, God helps me remember all He's done for me."

Above The Clouds by Paul Weller 

Chosen by Andrea Whitlock: "It's been my song from the first time back in 1997 having Herpes Encephalitis and still my song now - after suffering from this horrible virus again last year" 

She by Charles Aznavour 

Chosen by Kym Pattison: "In memory of my Mum, Encephalitis survivor 2003-2014 "

I’m Still Standing by Elton John

Chosen by Liesbeth Gelaesen: "This is my girl’s song when it comes to encephalitis… And also Warrior by Oscar and the Wolf.  

Cancer - Twenty One Pilots 

Chosen by Mia Encin: "One of the reasons behind me choosing this song is because of the line, 'Baby I’m just soggy from the Chemo. I'm counting down the days to go; this just ain’t living.' Living with Anti NMDAR encephalitis has made my life a bit of a struggle, but I’ve learned to live with it."

There’s Always Tomorrow by Gloria Estefan

Chosen by Nicky Fanelli-Everitt: "It has helped me through those tough days." 

Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede 

Chosen by Emma Rogers: "It was one of the songs that kept us singing through the dark day."

Lucky Man by The Verve 

Chosen by Darren Jefford: "It was the first song I heard when I left hospital after recovering from encephalitis. Now having seen lots of other people's stories, I realise I truly was a lucky man." 

Lean on Me by Bill Withers and Search for a Hero by M People

Chosen by Sandra Moore: "Words very relevant to me and my husband in the ongoing rollercoaster journey following his viral encephalitis diagnosis nearly two years ago."

Gloria by Laura Brennigan

Chosen by Gary Swan: "My song was 'Gloria' as the lyrics were very fitting. All the voices in your head can’t remember what they said they call it Gloria!'  My recovery song however is Billy Paul 'Only the Strong Survive'"

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

Chosen by Davina Smith: "It makes me feel relaxed and not alone in funny sort of way."

Conscious by Broods

Chosen by Evelyn Bellreng: "This this song perfectly captures my memory of experiencing the onset of encephalitis and the healing process from it. I listen to this song almost every day." 

Climb by Miley Cyrus 

Chosen by Katie Bohana-Davies: "Because it feels like a climb and uphill battle to re-learn everything."

Waterfall by The Stone Roses. "The song I have tattooed on my arm following it being one of the songs played to me whilst I was in a coma whilst suffering from HSV encephalitis ." 

Rachel Platten's Fight Song: "I listened to this song often after getting out of inpatient rehab and it made me feel strong, like I got this." 

Things Can Only Bet Better by D:Ream

Chosen by Paula Morton: "It's the best one that describes my encephalitis journey well. Making your mind up by Bucks Fizz was my first song after I had encephalitis - my Mum bought it me."

Step By Step by Whitney Houston

Chosen by Alison Winterburn: "Just how we have to face recovery. It really is step by step and some steps go backwards! 

Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong  

Chosen by Bella Bardswell: "Because it really is!" 


The Walk of Life by Dire Straits

Chosen by Helen McCarthy: It’s a song you just have to get up and dance to. It lifts your spirits on a bad day - and us Irish love to dance"