Professor Michael Kopelman PhD FBPsS FRCPsych FMedSci 

Michael Kopelman is Professor of Neuropsychiatry at King’s College London. He has also made important contributions to the study of anterograde amnesia and relating the nature of the underlying brain damage to its neuropsychological consequences. He has also contributed to understanding the role of cholinergic depletion in Alzheimer’s dementia and Korsakoff syndrome. He is one of the few people with real expertise in the study of psychogenic amnesia. He is much in demand as an expert witness, particularly in human rights and Appeal Court cases, where he has been involved in the overturning of a range of unsound convictions.

Research interests: Memory disorders including retrograde amnesia, neuropsychological deficits in anterograde amnesia, confabulation, psychogenic amnesia, neuropsychological deficits in the dementias, especially semantic dementia; the alcoholic Korsakoff syndrome, encephalitis, cerebral hypoxia; cognitive deficits in HIV, cognitive rehabilitation in amnesic syndromes and dementia; neuro-imaging of patients with neuropsychiatric disorders; cognitive effects of pituitary lesions; calculation disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder.

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