My connection with encephalitis is an indirect one through my wife, Kim.

Kim’s father died from encephalitis just two weeks after the diagnosis when he was only 36 years old – just 6 weeks before her twelfth birthday. Her mum was 33, and her brother was 10. It is thought that he contracted encephalitis whilst run down from a period of repeated transatlantic flights, starting with cold like symptoms and initially diagnosed as a problem with his balance before a correct diagnosis.

This all happened two years before we met.

It wasn’t until we had been married for a few years that Kim first came across the existence of the Encephalitis Support Group, as it was called then, from a womens magazine. She was very keen to become a member and support the group as she felt that there had been no support around when her father died – not even bereavement counselling.

It was in one of the newsletters that a call was sent out looking for an accountant to become a trustee and treasurer. Whilst not qualified at the time, I was ‘qualified by experience’ and subsequently volunteered my services and became treasurer more than ten years ago. And I am still here . . . I hope I have been able to use my experience to the benefit of the Society

Since becoming a trustee I have now qualified as a Chartered Accountant. We live in a farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside and have two daughters and various animals, and support all things green.