What do you do at the charity?

I am the Volunteer Manager which means I am the go-to person for our fantastic volunteers, supporting and helping them to continue their great work with us.

Why do you like working here?

Working for a charity is a great feeling and gives real meaning to the job; I feel very privileged to be working amongst so many inspiring people!

Tell us something about yourself?

I used to live in New Zealand which was an amazing experience. I also once auditioned for Byker Grove! 

What difference does the ES make in your opinion?

We are currently the one place in the world where people can come for support and advice regarding encephalitis and so that makes the Society all the more important. The work that has been and that continues to be done is an incredible help to so many supporters and their families, friends and communities.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Encephalitis Society - no matter where you are in the world - please sign up today